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My Foot Guy is a leader in PPE programs, providing solutions to employee's most common problems including foot, knee, hip and lower back pain. We make it easy for you to help your team reduce repetitive stress injuries, accidents, improve productivity and relieve pain! Our EXPERT Foot & Ankle Specialist (Certified Pedorthist) will visit your team on-site and provide foot assessments, gait analyses, and quality solutions including custom insoles, compression soft supports, compression socks and quality work boot socks!

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Through working with organizations large and small, we've seen that employees are "suffering in silence." They tend not to communicate their foot, knee, hip or low back pain to anyone and hesitate to go to the doctor. Why not bring in a specialist that can help allieviate all of these painful conditions as well as prevent injuries?

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Quality PPE From An Expert

Don't make the mistake of cookie cutter programs designed to rely on foot scanners to make recommendations on what's right for your team's painful conditions. We're EXPERTS in the foot & ankle and will tailor our solutions to each individual employee. Make foot, knee, hip & low back pain a thing of the past, reach out to My Foot Guy Today!

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