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Plain and simple, our mission is To keep people active, pain-free, and living their best lives, My Foot Guy provides expert, thorough, and personalized foot care solutions focused on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and management of painful conditions of the foot, knee, hip, and beyond. We are committed to making a positive impact on our community by offering accessible and inclusive services to individuals of all walks of life, athletes, veterans, employees, and companies alike.

We're Normal People, Just Like You!

I am part of a normal family, just like yours, and we understand life's struggles and pressures. My wife Rachel & I are passionate about helping others and being involved in our community. Our two goldendoodles, Millie & Maggie are our cherished companions, bringing us joy and love. Together, we strive to make a positive impact, lending a hand, and helping. Our strong bond and unwavering love guide us through life's challenges. We believe that even ordinary individuals can create an extraordinary difference through compassion and community involvement.

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    The foot sleeves are very comfortable and give so much support and relief for plantar fasciitis. They just feel good on my feet. Such a great help!

    Sheree Bremner 

    verified customer
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    My son is a baseball pitcher who strained his throwing arm last year. He has been wearing these to practice for a month now and is so happy to finally have compression sleeves that work!

    C Jennelle 

    verified customer
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    I’ve used this foot bath for years and it’s the only product that actually sloughs off dead skin effectively. Used exactly as directed. Your feet will look rather gruesome after the first week, but end up looking and feeling fantastically smoot...

    Tami Barron

    verified customer
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